submit to the complainist

Yes, we would like to see your work. We hear you're the funniest. Also, our submission volume is extremely low, which makes our turnaround time extremely quick.

Please email us anything you think might suit our needs. We need short, funny stories that translate well when read aloud. Don't worry about recording your story--we'll talk about that later. We are also interested in running short humor pieces, text-only, rather than in the podcast. When you submit to us, please let us know whether you think your piece is more appropriate for the podcast or for our complaints department. If you don't tell us, we'll guess, and you'll be stuck.

We're a bunch of amateurs, so we don't have a legal department and are just going to assume that you ought not send us anything that is already published elsewhere, even if you think it would work well for the pocast. And, you should assume that if we've posted a version of your story here, you ought not submit it anywhere else for print.

In other words, your best work should go elsewhere. Send us leftover snark that you never found a home for, and we'll put it to good use.

(Submission address listed in plain text because we hate links that launch the mail program we never use. Also, we hate spam.)